8 years. 5 Championships.

Proven Results​

Optima Sports Analytics has a track record of success across multiple professional sports, leading our clients to 3 Super Bowls, 1 NBA Championship, and 1 MLS Cup.

Actionable Data Intelligence

Optima Sports Analytics provides leading projections of an athlete’s on-field performance and team success, allowing our customers to make data-driven decisions when acquiring talent, setting lineups, and developing academy products.

Accurate, Objective Feedback

Our model doesn’t allow for personal bias to interfere with its projections and recommendations. It’s the only way your management team and coaching staff will receive best-in-class predictive analytics without your analytics partner’s opinion.

Customizable Models

Optima puts our customers first, so we don’t have any set packages or projects. We tailor each engagement to match our customer’s exact needs and KPIs.

Trusted Partner

Boasting over a decade’s experience working with sensitive performance data, Optima pledges handle all data with the utmost integrity while respecting each customer’s potential need for confidentiality.

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