Proven Methodology


Five Areas of Performance

Mental. Emotional. Technical. Tactical. Physical. Optima looks at total performance with cause and effect capabilities. We’re the only company incorporating this holistic approach in performance analytics.

Optima utilizes the “Human Performance Theory Threshold Model” which identifies the resources of an individual and how that impacts him or her and their specific task(s).

The resources can be identified as strengths and also the limiting resources or what prevents athletes from performing at a top level.

Looking at all five areas that define performance Optima’s approach is the only proven analytics approach to identify talent more accurately and to directly impact winning percentage for teams.

highRES Framework

Our mastery of this holistic approach led to our highRES Framework, allowing us to identify and map motivational pathways revealing core values and motivations while capturing critical elements of team culture and managerial philosophy.

Proprietary Models

Our cutting-edge Multinomial Data Fusion models combine Bayesian mixture fusion technology with dynamic weighting and adaptive optimization algorithms in a threshold performance theory framework.

Our proprietary models provide leading projections of athletic performance, guaranteeing on-field success for our partners. On-field success and increased win percentage translates into greater franchise/club revenue, fan excitement, and commercial opportunity.

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