High School Football Player Performance

Instructions and Forms

What to expect:

Optima Sports collects performance measurements across all five areas that impact an individual athlete’s ability to perform his task. This data put into the Optima performance models gives clear performance indicators in your overall ability to perform and specific limiting factors that can be developed to improve overall performance. This analytical assessment gives the best opportunity for rapid improvement and improved performance now and at the next level.

Please fill out each of the player performance profile forms and submit. Each for is looking at specific data points comparing your ability to the task(position(s)) and identifying key resources that need to be developed in order to move to the next level. Each of the forms works in conjunction with the others to give a full and accurate assessment which Optima will then generate a player performance assessment report for you.

After submitting your data in the forms provided, Optima Sports Group will build a “player performance assessment” report and inform you via email when it is complete. You will be able to log in, and download or print out your report.

The Player Performance Assessment measures your individual ability against the demands of the task of playing your individual sport on five areas, physical, technical, tactical, mental and emotional. This gives you the athlete clear information on skills or resources that need to be developed in order to perform at the next level.

Your report will identify key areas that can be improved, what we define as “limiting performance Resources.”

Train those individual areas and than resubmit your data with the improvements and Optima will run a second player performance assessment to see how you have improved.

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