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Optima Sports Analytics is the leader in Human Performance Modeling, providing actionable data intelligence about an athlete’s ability to perform at the highest level. Optima is now bringing this unique methodology into a wide range of athletes, sports, and levels of play. This includes high school and college football, amateur soccer at all levels, and Esports. By harnessing the science and engineering of performance provided by General Systems Performance Theory, we build unique performance models specific to a given sport, player position, and level-of-play. Performance measures, based more on the architecture of the human system and less on the sport are provided by the athlete. These Basic Performance Resource measures make up the athlete’s BPR profile which can be used with our performance models to The athlete’s BPR profile is used with performance models to produce various performance-based assessments and associated reports, such as the level of play that can be supported by the current BPR profile and identification of BPRs that are likely to be limiting performance in the specified sport; i.e., the targets of training.

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