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Model-Based Player Performance Evaluations

The Ultimate Player Performance Assessment!

Optima Sports Group is the leader in Human Performance Modeling, providing accurate, actionable data intelligence.
Through Optima Sports Analytics, we are now bringing this methodology to high school, college and Esports. By applying knowledge of an athlete’s’ performance resources to our sport- and position-dependent predictive performance models, a ‘Player Performance Evaluation” is provided.  This report indicates the model-based prediction of the highest level of performance supported – in a given division of competition (e.g., amateur club, high school, college) – by your current basic performance resource profile.  This “score” is on a 0 – 100 scale with “100” representing the highest level of performance that we have identified to date for your sport and your position.  In addition, diagnostic information is included regarding which basic performance resources need improvement in order to support a higher level of sport performance.  Various other interesting, but less critical, assessments may also be provided on a sport-specific basis

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